Privacy and Cookie Policy

The Hyip-Zanoza service ensures that all data received during the cooperation remains confidential, and we take several measures to do this. In this document, we describe how we collect, secure, and use your personal data. When customers interact with the resource, we get some data about them. Therefore, a need to make information about how user data is collected, stored, used, and shared with third parties publicly accessible, arises. Besides, this document will describe how we use cookies and other technologies to collect data. The Hyip-Zanoza resource administration retains the right to make changes to the current provisions of the Privacy policy without prior notice. Therefore, we strongly recommend users to familiarize themselves with the current version of this document.

Data collection

During interaction with customers, the Hyip-Zanoza service receives the following data about its users:
  • Browser data, IP address, and location.
  • Email address and other data that the customer provides during registration on the website.
  • Information about the pages that the customers visited, the date and time of the site visit, and the amount of time spent on a particular page.
  • Data about the investment activity of the participant registered through the affiliate link of our aggregator. In particular, we may become aware of the customer's payment details, the amount of the deposit, and the project in which he/she participates.

Using the received data

Data obtained in the course of cooperation with the Hyip-Zanoza website cannot be used to deanonymize the customer of our service. Personal data may be used only:
  1. to identify the customer during the authorization process.
  2. to send newsletters, notifications, and other information related to the work of Hyip-Zanoza to the user's email address provided by the customer.
  3. to optimize the website, evaluate the effectiveness of advertising and interface.
  4. to track behavioral factors for website optimization.
  5. to collect statistical data, analyze the security level of the website, prevent unauthorized access and malicious actions by intruders.

Disclosure of data to third parties

Personal data that the Hyip-Zanoza aggregator receives in the course of interaction with customers is not transferred to third parties and cannot be used for commercial purposes. Some data that does not disclose the customer's identity may be made public under certain conditions:
  • in cases specified by the current legislation, in particular, in relation to intruders, if any information is requested by the relevant authorized body.
  • When transmitting information about Hyip-Zanoza partners to statistical services and investment projects.
  • After processing the information to provide statistical data related to the operation of our service. In this case, the information is anonymous and the customer's identity cannot be identified.

Collection, processing, and use of cookies

Plenty of modern websites use cookies, which are basically fragments of data. The website collects them and sends them to the customer's hard disk to load pages, graphics, etc. faster. Cookie technology also allows advertising partners and search engines to effectively display ads and issue requests. When using cookies, we and our partners may become aware of information about your geographical location, IP address, as well as browser and operating system data. Besides, we receive the following information about the user's behavior on the page: click on links, time spent on the page, etc. By receiving electronic images (web beacons) through the cookie technology, our advertising partners have the opportunity to assess the customer's interest in a particular material and to learn about the degree of relevance of certain ads.All information collected through cookies to study behavioral factors and for analytical purposes cannot be used for identification. This data does not contain information about your name, residential address, phone number, or email address.

Storage of user data and its security

The Hyip-Zanoza service takes all necessary measures to ensure the reliable storage of its customers' data. We guarantee that we do everything we can to ensure that the data received during the cooperation does not fall into the hands of hackers. Therefore, we securely encrypt data when transferring it from the customer to the website and back. However, we cannot guarantee that the website will not be attacked by hackers or that your account will not be accessible to third parties that get unauthorized access. In particular, we are not responsible for the transfer of personal account log in data to third parties by the customer.User data is stored on the service as long as needed. The data specified during registration is stored until the customer's cooperation with the aggregator is terminated. In some cases, data may be saved even when we stop providing our services to the customer. Generally, these are cases designated by law (for example, aimed at preventing fraud).Data that is not used by the service for its intended purpose can be unidentified and generalized to obtain statistical data.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

The aggregator retains the right to make changes to the current Privacy Policy on behalf of its administration. If there are major changes about which we consider necessary to inform our customers, we will notify them by sending a message through the customer database or directly on the pages of our resource. Minor changes and adjustments can be made without notifying users and take effect immediately after they are published in this section of the resource. If you have questions related to the terms of the Privacy Policy, please, write to this email address.... We do not accept claims and complaints about the current regulations, so you can express your disagreement with our Privacy Policy by refusing to use our website.